Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Baby No More - Luke Is Now FOUR!

We had Luke's "Super Cool" birthday (more like SUPER HOT - the A/C is little to none in that place, but Luke had a blast) on Saturday at Red River Gymnastics. He asked for an Iron Man Cake so we made it a Super Hero Birthday with Iron Man masks for the boys and Super Girl rings for the girls. The best part was when we got in the car to go home and Luke says to me, as though it was an epiphany, "that was an awesome birthday"! (Tear) That was all I needed to hear to make all the party planning worth it :) I can't believe my sweet baby boy is FOUR.

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Luke said...

Hey...I am just now reading some of the comments on our blog. I came across your blog and added it to our site! Luke is getting SO big! How is little Noah? If I had another little boy I would have named him Noah (just kidding!!!!), but I do like that name! ;)