Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Just Eat All the Candy!

Well, Luke's classmates were individually asked a series of questions to tell of their family's Thanksgiving traditions as part of learning about the holiday. His teacher compiled a cute little booklet with each child's version. I like to call it the "Book of Lies"! --lol--

Here is what Luke's classmate, Georgia, said:

"At Thanksgiving we have turkey, chicken, beans and salad, for Mama (I don't like salad). I have milk to drink and for dessert, cookies! Yum! My whole family goes to the grocery store and buys all the food. Mama and Daddy cook it in a pot on top of the stove. Su-pie and Daddy-dub come to eat with us. Nobody else. I say the "God is great" blessing. Daddy eats the most! After dinner, the whole family cleans up. Then I play baby dolls in my room."


I just eat candy. For Thanksgiving or anytime, it doesn't matter, I just eat candy. I get it myself. I can reach it even if it is way up high. No one cooks candy. It's candy. You don't cook it. Nobody comes to eat with me, just Daddy and Mom. But, I eat the candy, just me. Nobody says the blessing. I don't know who eats the most. I just eat all the candy."

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