Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ooooooooh! Aaahhhhhhh!

We took Luke downtown for the music and fireworks on the 4th. He didn't "hit the deck" once they started like last year, so it was much more fun for him this time around. He also got to see all the boats on the river. So now --- every time we pass Buhlow Lake his eyes get big and he asks, "Fireworks"?

In other news....Luke has recently learned a new word. Sh*t! It took us a few times to verify that was what he was saying, but low and behold, it was! He now knows that it is an "ugly word" and that he is not supposed to say it. So now when he hears it on TV, for instance, he is happy to point out that "she said an ugly word" at which time he feels it necessary to explain further, "she said an ugly word....she said Sh*t". I guess he thinks it is OK as long as he is only tattle telling.

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